October 09, 2008

Doo-Wop Harmonies


-C.D. 1-
1-The Drifters - Adorable
2-The Four Graduates - Candy Queen
3-Randy The Rainbows - Angel Face
4-Richie & The Royals - When I'm Near You
5-The Three Dots - Tip Toe
6-The Defenders - I Laughed So Hard
7-The Loungers - Teenage Bells
8-The Mood-Makers - Dolores
9-The Techniques - Marindy
10-Billy & The Essentials - Maybe You'll Be There
11-The Darvels - I Lost My Baby
12-The Mighty Jupiters - Hy Wocky Toomba
13-The Chuck A Lucks - Chuck A Luck
14-The Tridels - Land Of Love
15-The Del Satins - Naturally
16-The Corvairs - Sing A Song Of Sixpence
17-The Titans - Love Is A Wonderful Thing
18-The Del Escorts - Gaudeamus
19-The Velons - Shelly
20-The Five Playboys - Why Be A Fool
21-The Fabulous Dudes - Ding Dong Darling
22-The Fantastics - This Is My Wedding Day
23-The Five Kings - Light Bulb
24-The Del Larks - Lady Love
25-The Four Seasons - Hot Water Bottle
26-The Vel-Tones - Now
27-The Caslons - Anniversary Of Love
28-The Cavaliers - Dance Dance Dance
29-The Impacts - Canadian Sunset
30-Buzz Clifford - I'll Never Forget
31-Tico & The Triumphs - Motorcycle *
32-The Untouchables - Goodnight Sweetheart


-C.D. 2-
1-The Cardinals - Come Back My Love
2-Little Guy & The Giants - So Young
3-The King Toppers - You Were Waiting For Me
4-The Laurels - Baby Talk
5-The Ambers - Never Let You Go
6-The Blends - Now It's Your Turn
7-The Bop Chords - So Why
8-The Chaps - They'll Never Be
9-Little Anthony & The Chesters - I Know
10-The Boyfriends - Let's Fall In Love
11-The Valiants - This Is The Nite
12-The El Domingos - Lucky Me I'm In Love
13-Billy Gallant & The Roulettes - Scribbling On The Wall
14-The Monorays - My Guardian Angel
15-The Desires - Let It Please Be You
16-The Glowtones - The Girl I Love
17-Little Joe & The Thrillers - Peanuts
18-Dante & Friends - Little Girl (You're My Miss America)
19-The Three Friends - Blue Ribbon Baby
20-The Twilighters - Hey There
21-Sonny Day & The Versatiles - Half Moon
22-The Four Lovers - Girl In My Dreams
23-The Four Evers - Such A Good Night For Dreaming
24-The Chevrons - Lullabye
25-The Five Playboys - Mr. Echo
26-The Channels - Bye Bye Baby
27-The King Krooners - Pretty Little Girl
28-The Excellents - Why Did You Laugh
29-The Reflections - Rocket To The Moon
30-The Safaris - The Girl With The Story In Her Eyes
31-Pepe & The Astros - Judy My Love
32-The Platters - Goodnight Sweetheart, It's Time To Go


compiled by Emiliano M. A. aka Rocky Monroe (Spain, 2002)


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