May 07, 2009

Rockabilly Feeling (1)

ROCKABILLY FEELING Vol.1 (Rockabilly Revival 1969-2009)

20 Flight Rock - Earthquake.mp3
2-Tones - Dancing Shoes.mp3
45 RPM - Stop Whistlin' Wolf.mp3
49 Special - I Don't Believe.mp3
Al & The Black Cats - Cash Medley.mp3
Alan Jackson - Up to My Ears in Tears.mp3
Alan Mills - Jumping From 6 to 6.mp3
Alvin Lee - Let's Boogie.mp3
Anabel & The Rock-A-Bells - I Try.mp3
Andy Lee Lang - Music called rock 'n roll.mp3
Annita - Bigelow 6-200.mp3
Antonio García y Los Roqueros - Despeñaperros.mp3
B. Cupp & The Fill-Ups - Muskrat.mp3
Barrence Whitfield And The Savages - Walking with Barrence.mp3
Batmobile - Ravin' Women.mp3
Big Daddy - My Heart Will Go On.mp3
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - We Tried To Tell You.mp3
Billy Swan - Wooden Heart.mp3
Black Raven - Keep On Rockin'.mp3
Blue Denim - Folsom Prison.mp3
Blue Moon Special - Enough Of That Stuff.mp3
Bob & The Bearcats - A Big Hunk O' Love.mp3
Bones Maki & The Sun Dodgers - Joy That You Bring.mp3
Bonneville - Never Can Tell.mp3
Boppin' B. - One more night.mp3
Boppin' Shoes - rock around the clock.mp3
Botxo Boogies - Choo Choo Ch' Boogie.mp3
BR549 - Happy Birthday Jack Daniels.mp3
Brandi & The Badcats - Mama Rock.mp3
Brian Capps - I Wouldn't Say That's Living.mp3
Candye Kane - Scream In The Night.mp3
Carl & the rhythm all stars - Cry Me A River.mp3
Carla Rugg - It Doesn't Matter Anymore.mp3
Carlos And The Bandidos - Unchain My Heart.mp3
Carlos Segarra Rock N Roll Club - The Wanderer.mp3
Carol Dee & V-59 - My Boy Elvis.mp3
Charlie Hightone & The Rock-Its - We Did.mp3
Chevrolet - Run Rabbit Run.mp3
Chris Evans - Bluesy Baby.mp3
Chuck & The Crack-Pipes - One Lung Down.mp3
Cledus T. Judd - Tree's On Fire.mp3
Coast To Coast - The South's Gonna Rise Again.mp3
Cool Cats - Bop Baby.mp3
Crash Justice - Jitterbop Baby.mp3
Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers - Betty Lou.mp3
Crazy Joe & The Mad River Outlaws - Hey! Andy Valeri.mp3
Crazy Man Crazy - (Crazy) Rockabilly Street.mp3
Dale Watson - Nashville Rash.mp3
Dani Nel.lo - Sax Attack.mp3
Daniel O'Donnell - Heartbeat.mp3
Danny & The Seniors - Movie Mag.mp3
Darrel Higham - I'm Ready.mp3
Darts - Annual County Fair.mp3
Dawn Shipley & The Sharpshooters - Sharp Shootin'.mp3
Diana & The Atomics - Whistle Bait.mp3
Disturbance - Stand By Me.mp3
Dixie Aces - Boogie Woogie Rock 'n Roll.mp3
Dixie Fried - Mr Fiddle.mp3
Doug Kershaw - Toot Toot.mp3
Doug Wilshire - Long Gone Baby.mp3
Doug Wilshire & The Capers - Tempted.mp3
Ducktails - Let's Flat Git It.mp3
Dulcie Younger & The Silencers - Smokin' Gun.mp3
Dwight Yoakam - Crazy Little Thing Called Love.mp3
Eddie Clendening - I Love A Woman.mp3
Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys - Our Love Is True.mp3
Flamin' Kings - Rockin' Boy.mp3
Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids - Betty Lou.mp3
Freddie Fingers Lee - Home Town Boogie.mp3
Freddy Vette & The Cadillacs - Little Sister.mp3
Full Blown Cherry - Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio.mp3
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Cocaine Blues.mp3
Gizzelle - Mad At You.mp3
Glen Darren & The Krew Cats - Marie Marie.mp3
Go Cat Go - Other Side Of Town.mp3
Goin' Goin' Gone - I'm Shakin'.mp3
Greaseball Boogie Band - Sea Cruise.mp3
Hal Peters & His String Dusters - I'm Satisfied With You.mp3
Hank C. Burnette - Don't Mess With My Ducktail.mp3
Hank T. Morris & The Amazing Buffalo Brothers - You Can't Catch Me.mp3
Hank's Jalopy Demons - That's All I Need.mp3
Hickory Cats - King Of The Road.mp3
High Noon - Stranger Things.mp3
Hillbilly Cats - Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down.mp3
Hogshead - Black Cadillac.mp3
Homer Henderson - Hillbilly Pecker.mp3
Hot Rod Lincoln - Cradle Robber.mp3
I Belli Di Waikiki - Honolulu Rock-A-Rolla.mp3
Imelda Clabby - Lovey dovey, lovely one.mp3
Jade Hurley - Rockabilly Rebel.mp3
Jailbreakers - County Jail.mp3
Jason Lee Wilson - Highway 9.mp3
Jets - Rockabilly Baby.mp3
Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.mp3
John Whiteleather & The King Rats - What Did I Do.mp3
Johnny & The Jailbirds - Just because.mp3
Johnny Angel - why.mp3
Johnny Bach And His Moonshine Boozers - Jailhouse Rock.mp3
Johnny Dilks & His Visitacion Valley Boys - Comin' On Thru.mp3
Johnny Earle - Play The Music.mp3
Johnny Powers - Me And My Rhythm Guitar.mp3
Josie Kreuzer - Ball That Jack.mp3
Jumpin' Malicious - Love Me Baby.mp3
Jussi Syren - Rockabilly Guitar Man.mp3
Kieron McDonald - Dragstrip Girl.mp3
Kingcats - If You Only Knew.mp3
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Mean Son Of A Gun.mp3
Levi Dexter - Just Go Wild Over Rock 'N' Roll.mp3
Linda Gail Lewis with Sonny West & The Rhythm Kings - Rip It Up.mp3
Little Neal & The Blue Flames - Stood Up.mp3
Lonesome Hank - Caldonia.mp3
Lucas & The Dynamos - 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days.mp3
Mad fish - She Got No Hair.mp3
Matchbox - Steelabilly.mp3
Midnight Howlers - Railroad.mp3
Mr. Whiz - I See The Light.mp3
Nine Lives - Poor Little Fool.mp3
Orion - Mean Woman Blues.mp3
Pee Wee & The Specials - Love Love Love.mp3
Peter King Band - Red Hot Rockin' Blues.mp3
Radium Cats - Well I Knocked (Bim Bam).mp3
Ravenna & The Magnetics - Baby That's Allright.mp3
Raw Deal - Domino.mp3
Ray Campi - Rockabilly Rebel.mp3
Ray Condo & His Ricochets - She's My Baby.mp3
Rayno And The Dynamites - Cut Across Shorty.mp3
Red Hot - Anything For You.mp3
Retta & The Smart Fellas - Does My Baby Call Me Honey,Yes Sir.mp3
Rhythm Cats - Hillbilly Bop.mp3
Roberto Gil - Mystery Train.mp3
Rockabilly Five - Honey Hush.mp3
Rock-A-Teds - Poor Ramblin' Man.mp3
Rocky Sharpe & The Replays - Something Else.mp3
Rory Justice - Let's Bop.mp3
Roy Loney - Don't Start Crying Now.mp3
Russell Scott & His Red Hots - Next In Line.mp3
Rusti Steel & The Tin Tax - Alabama Jailhouse.mp3
Rusty & The Dragstrip Trio - My Baby Left Me.mp3
Ryno Rockers - My Heart Is Achin' For You.mp3
Satelite V - Speed Limit Daddy.mp3
Sha Na Na - That'll Be The Day.mp3
Shakin' Guts - Cold Ice Lady.mp3
Shakin' Stevens - That's Alright.mp3
Showaddywaddy - Say Mama.mp3
Silver Trio - Linda.mp3
Six Gun Justice - Infatuated With You.mp3
Sleepwalkers - Drugstore Rock 'n' Roll.mp3
Sleepy LaBeef - Matchbox.mp3
Southern Culture On The Skids - Whole Lotta Things.mp3
Spo-Dee-O-Dee - Hurt Again.MP3
Stray Cats - Lookin' Better Every Beer.mp3
Stunning Jive Sweets - Choo-Choo Boogie.mp3
Taggy Tones - Nose Pickin' Mama.mp3
Teddy & The Tigers - Baby Babe.mp3
The Aviators - Rodeo Daddy.mp3
The Barnstompers - Because You're Always On My Mind.mp3
The Bellfuries - Up To Your Old Tricks Again.mp3
The Blacktop Rockets - Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor.mp3
The Blue Cats - Tired And Sleepy.mp3
The Blue Hawaiians - Apache.mp3
The Bluegrass Elvises - All Shook Up.mp3
The Bopcats - Washing Machine Boogie.mp3
The Boppers - Gotta Get You Near Me Blues.MP3
The Buckaroos - Give a lonely heart a home.mp3
The Bugaloos - At The Old Town Hall.mp3
The Cadillac Kings - Hot Rod V8 Ford.mp3
The Chrome Daddies - Brand New Cadillac.mp3
The Cruisers - Let's Flat Get It.mp3
The Del Moroccos - Action Packed.mp3
The Domino's - It's a sin to tell a lie.mp3
The Dots - Jim Dandy.mp3
The Found Cats - Rock Me Jesus.mp3
The Gin Palace Jesters - Lover Not A Fighter.mp3
The Go Getters - HOT ROD ROADEO.mp3
The Heartbeats - Just To Be.mp3
The Hilltops - Woll Damm Blues.mp3
The Hot Rod Bros - Train From Tennessee.mp3
The Houserockers - Hep 45.mp3
The Howlin' Moondoggies - Milk Cow Blues.mp3
The Hub Caps - Dreams Of You.mp3
The Jaguars - They Call Me The Rockin' Lady.mp3
The Jailbirds - Burning Love.mp3
The Jump Cats - Flying Saucers Rock'n Roll.mp3
The Keytones - I Guess You'll Never Know.MP3
The King - That's Alright Mama.mp3
The Magnetics - Rock Around With Ollie Vee.mp3
The Mars Attacks - You Can Do No Wrong.mp3
The Marvenells - Smoke This Joint.mp3
The Mavericks - Hey Good Lookin'.mp3
The Mean Devils - Tootsie Coo.mp3
The Midnite Wailers - Down This Road.mp3
The Mystery Gang Trio - Sometimes I Feel Like A Rockabilly Star.mp3
The Neanderthals - Rocket.mp3
The Nitemares - How Could I know.mp3
The Okeh Wranglers - Iron Road.mp3
The Paralyzers - Ready Teddy.mp3
The Pawnbrokers - Get Rhythm.mp3
The Porcupines - My Baby Don't Care.mp3
The Puppini Sisters - Tu Vuò Fa L'Americano.mp3
The Ranch Girls & The Ragtime Wranglers - when i hold you.mp3
The Refreshments - Lana Lee.mp3
The Rimshots - Sweet Talk.mp3
The River Boys - She's The Kinda Gal.mp3
The Rock-A-Bops - Beat out my love.mp3
The Rockets - Tongue Tied Jill.mp3
The Rockin' Fools - Steady Job.mp3
The Rodders - I'm On Fire.mp3
The Rollin' Miles - Hot Rock.mp3
The Satellites - Buddy Can You Spare A Dime.mp3
The Senti-Mentals - Mr. Sandman.mp3
The Shakin' Pyramids - Teenage Boogie.mp3
The Skyrockers - Sweet Little Sixteen.mp3
The Slapbacks - Blue Moon Of Kentucky.mp3
The Stargazers - Marcelle Mania.mp3
The Taildraggers - You're A Drag.mp3
The Tawny Owls - Sittin' In The Balcony.mp3
The Toppkatz - Move A Little Closer.mp3
The Trip Daddys - Maybellene.mp3
The Two Timin' Three - Black & White Baby.mp3
The Ugly Buggy Boys - Mail Train.mp3
The Versatiles - You can do me no wrong.mp3
The Voodoo Shakers - Ruby Black Hair.mp3
The Wanderers - Maybe I.mp3
The Wanktones - Down the Line.mp3
Tim Ballard - Walk the Line.mp3
Tom Angel & The Smarties - Russian Nights.mp3
Tommy & The Teenagers - Teddy Jive.mp3
Tritons - Shakin' All Over.mp3
Truly Lover Trio - My Laurie.mp3
Uncle Charlie And The Riverside Stompers - I Get The Blues.mp3
Wes Pudsey & The Sonic Aces - Pony Express.mp3
Wild Wind - Cherokee Boogie.mp3
Willie & The Poor Boys - Poor Boy Boogie.mp3
Yuichi & The Hilltone Boys - Blue Moon.mp3

compiled by Emiliano M. A. aka Rocky Monroe (Spain, 2009)